Frequently Asked Questions

Booking your Wedding Photographer

Do not procrastinate when it comes to planning your destination wedding! For more on why, click here. Once you have secured your wedding date, and wedding venue, move immediately to booking your photographer. We are presently booking a year and a half in advance, and the early bird gets the worm. But do not despair if your window is shorter than that! We are not booked 365 days a year, and you might luck out. Even if we do not have your date available on our calendar, we can refer you to other incredible photographers in the area who do.

This depends on two things: your budget, and how important it is that we catch everything.


Marc is an awesome photographer with many years of experience in weddings. Marc knows where to be and when, and he gets the job done while working solo. However, Marc is not a Super Human, and one photographer can unfortunately only be in one place, capturing one angle at any one time. For that reason, our packages include Marc plus one of our extremely competent, professional, secondary wedding photographers. If budget is more top of mind for you than getting every angle, then please ask for our ‘Solo Marc’ pricing options.

In order to secure Marc for your wedding day, we need a 25% non-refundable deposit on your chosen package. This is done easily and securely through our website. To learn about our packages, click here.

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Wedding Day Timeline

This will depend on the delicate balance between your needs and your budget. Our base package is 4 consecutive hours, because experience has shown that this is enough time to get a handful of ‘Getting Ready’ pictures, followed by the ceremony and your Newlywed session on the beach. It should even leave a little time to capture the early moments of your wedding reception.


If you want more of your wedding day story told, then you can add more hours or choose a larger package. Our most popular package is 6 consecutive hours, and is perfect for telling your whole story from beginning to end, without worrying if you will have Marc for enough time.

Keep the following in mind to get the most out of your photography package. These values reflect the minimum and maximum amount of time you will need to allow Marc to photograph each part of your wedding day, and are dependant on how important each session is to you:


  • Getting Ready Photos: 30 minutes to 1.5 hours
  • First Look Session: 15 – 20 minutes
  • Family portrait session: 15 – 30 minutes, depending on family size and shot list
  • Bridal Party Photos: 15 – 30 minutes
  • Newlywed Photos: 45 minutes – 1.5 hours
  • Reception: 1 hour – until everyone goes home!

Allow for 10 minutes transition time between sessions, and especially after the ceremony when everyone will want to congratulate you!

We recommend saying ‘I Do!’ AT LEAST one hour before sunset. Two hours before would be better. That should leave you with a comfortable window for fun beach photos with your bridal party, and romantic Newlywed sunset shots. If at all possible, avoid having your wedding ceremony in the early or mid afternoon. It is just too darn hot for everyone! And if you have your heart set on a sunset wedding ceremony, then we recommend a First Look photo session.

A first Look is done with the bride and groom before their wedding ceremony. That’s right, you will see each other before you come down the aisle! Getting your wedding photos done before doing the deed can be just as romantic, exciting and emotional as the traditional way. Spending a few moments together also helps many couples deal with the wedding day jitters. For more on why should consider doing a First Look, click here.

Absolutely! It is a great solution to some wedding photography timelines, and I assure you, it makes for great wedding pictures!

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Bridal Party

The only true answer to this question is: Whatever YOU want! It’s YOUR day! However, if you want our opinion, skip the Cinderella ball gown, and layers of fabric, because you will be miserable in the heat! Also avoid any delicate material like lace, which picks up sand and debris like a magnet. Click here for more advice on picking a beach wedding dress.

If you plan to be married in the sand, then we recommend bare feet as your first and best option. And with so many cute barefoot sandles out there now, why wouldn’t you? Things to consider: heels in the sand are no bueno, and flip flops will have you kicking sand up under your dress all day.

Beach wedding makeup should be natural! Think You, only kicked up a few notches. This is not the scene for overdone war paint! Nix the heavy, caked on foundation, ditch the pink blush and opt instead for coral, and be aware that glossed lips are a magnet for loose strands of hair and beach debris. For more details on natural beach wedding makeup, click here.

Warm ocean breezes are romantic, but gusting winds are not, and we get a lot of wind on the beaches of the Riviera Maya! We suggest you consider an updo to tame those tresses, and accessorize with fresh flowers.

We suggest keeping the colours and fabrics light. For wedding photos that pop, caribbean colours are beautiful in photos. Think of sand, sea, sun & shells when picking a colour palate. Also, there is nothing worse than mopping up sweaty faces, and trying to get smiles out of a miserable wedding party who are wrapped up in hot, unbreathable layers while they bake in the Mexican sun! Natural fibers like cotton and linen are great. Check out the blog for tons more advice on what to wear to your beach wedding.

Absolutely! We have lots of proven tips to help anybody in front of the camera. Click here for the concise list, but above all our greatest advice is to relax and ENJOY yourself! Ignore the camera, and Marc will take it from there.

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Legal Stuff

The short answer: We do. However, you can print and share your wedding photos to your heart’s content! But there are 3 caveats:

  1. We ask that you please never, ever sell our photos.
  2. Please obtain our written permission before submitting your wedding to an online publication. Of course, we love the publicity, so allow us to help as we know the best practices to follow in order to get featured.
  3. Kindly credit us when using our photography on your favorite social media platforms.

You have a choice between two kinds of wedding ceremonies: Civil or Symbolic. Symbolic will not leave you legally married in Mexico, while Civil will. However, this is not Las Vegas. You can’t just show up in the morning and expect to be legally married at sunset. If you want a Civil Ceremony, here is what you will need:


  1. Your passports, valid for 6 months or more.
  2. Four witnesses, and their passports, valid for 6 months or more.
  3. Enter Mexico at least three working days before your wedding day.
  4. Blood Tests.
  5. A legal Marriage Officiant.


For a complete list of all paperwork needed, and great up to date resources and links, click here.

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About Marc

Marc began photographing weddings 15 years ago in Vancouver, Canada. He has almost a decade of experience specifically within Mexico, and the unique light and environmental conditions we have here.

Although far from a Wallflower, Marc adopts a photojournalistic style, mixing vibrant colors with moody black & whites. He is constantly on a fearless quest to create a unique image, and is open to all your wild and crazy ideas. The most important thing to Marc is that everybody is relaxed and having FUN! That lets him get wedding photos that are candid, colorful, artistic, and that tell a story of the happiest day of your life.

Marc is a Canon man. He currently uses Canon 5D Mark III, and a Canon 5D Mark II. He uses a combination of both fixed and zoom lenses from Canon and Sigma. He will come to your wedding armed with the lights, top of the line equipment, and tricks up his sleeve necessary to get the best images possible.

Marc is based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. His office is the beaches from Cancun to Tulum, and all points in between along the beautiful Riviera Maya.

Yes! As a handy reference, you can read glowing reviews from past bride and grooms on our testimonials page here, or on Google here, or on Wedding Wire here.

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Resorts & Venues

Before you settle on an All-Inclusive resort in Mexico for your wedding, make sure you ask them about their outside vendor policy. It is pretty standard practice down here to charge you, the client, an additional fee to have your preferred vendors for your wedding. (ie. a wedding photographer NOT provided in the resort wedding package) Pleading ignorance later will get you nowhere, unfortunately. Here’s everything you need to know before you book.

Yes! However, things can change on a dime here, and we base our recommendations on our most recent observations while we are on site, and also on feedback from the bride and groom. Currently our favorite off site venues are here. Please contact us directly for the most up date advice on all-inclusive resorts.

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Our Services

Please click here to see our complete pricing and packages. To give you a ball park starting point, our basic 4 consecutive hour package with two professional photographers starts at $1600 USD.

Ultimately, we are in the business of customer service, and we want you to be happy! Your package should get you everything you want, without paying for anything you do not need. We understand that wedding photography packages are not always ‘one size fits all’. We will do our best to get you into the right fit.

Yes! We are SO excited to be partnering with top notch, amazingly talented vendors in videography and drone aerial videography to benefit you in rounding out your wedding photography package with us. We even offer photobooths!

Sure! Travel is in our blood, and we get excited at the thought of combining our passion for photography with our love of adventure! Contact us to check our availability, and to discuss travel expenses and logistics for your specific wedding location.

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Other Sessions

No. We are a photography company who thrive on capturing ALL of life’s exciting moments; proposals, engagements, maternity, special events or even your family holiday. Check out our gallery to see our latest work.

Trash the dress is a photography session that contrasts the elegance of the bride in her wedding dress in an environment which is out of place from the traditional wedding scene. Here in the Riviera Maya, that environment is most commonly in the waves of the turquoise caribbean sea, or it is in the fresh water jungle cenotes. The images that are captured look like something from the pages of a high fashion magazine.


Trash the dress is typically done the day after your wedding, but that is entirely up to you!

If your wedding dress is made from a natural fiber such as cotton or linen, and most especially silk, then getting it wet does put it at risk of shrinking and/or ending up as rumpled mess. However, the ocean may give your wedding dress a good scrub, often leaving it cleaner than it was after your wedding reception. And since the cenotes are fresh water, they should not present the same concerns you may have about salt and sand.


If you think you would like to do a Trash The Dress session, but you do NOT want to risk ruining your wedding dress, then you can always do the shoot in a different dress!  OR don’t go in the water! For more details on pros and cons of doing a Trash The Dress, click here.

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The “What If’s”

Newsflash: It rains in the Caribbean. There is no guaranteed ‘safe’ time of year here to avoid a rainy wedding day. As far as photography goes, Marc will capture beautiful, creative shots with the rain. We have tons of experience with this environmental hiccup! But we recommend that you have a rainy day backup plan you are happy with. For more details on how to cope with rain at your beach wedding, click here.

Let me start by saying (while touching wood, of course) that in 15 years, Marc has NEVER been unable to fulfill his contractual obligations of being the lead photographer at any wedding. That being said, if the worst case scenario ever happened, Marc’s second photographer would move to the primary position, and as his/her secondary photographer, we have a pool of fantastic professional wedding photographers as friends here in Mexico, and are not worried about our ability to find an excellent replacement…even at the last minute!

For many different reasons, this IS a possibility. If you change your wedding date, we will do everything we can to accommodate that change, assuming that we are not already committed to another wedding. If for whatever reason you need to cancel our services, you will lose your non-refundable deposit/retainer.

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After your Session

With our standard 2 photographer packages, you can expect approximately 60 lovingly edited and color corrected, high resolution images per hour of photography booked with us.

Your final edited images will be uploaded to your own personal, secure, online gallery, in the highest quality jpg format. You will then download the photos from that gallery to your computer, a disk or a jump drive. In layman’s terms, this means that you will be delivered the final product in the highest possible quality, online and ready to be shared with friends and family, and you will be able to print them as big as your heart desires!

Our promise to you is that you will receive your wedding photos within 10 weeks of your wedding date. And since we know you are chomping at the bit to see your pictures, we always post a sneak peak/preliminary viewing within 4 weeks of your wedding.

Yes! We offer these too! Prices will vary depending on sizes, quantities, and the country we are shipping to, so please inquire directly to us for rates.

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Hey! You Didn’t Answer my Question!

Sorry about that! If we did not touch on your question, or if you need further clarification on anything above, please visit our contact page or send us an email directly to [email protected].

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