jamie & adam – riu palace, cabo san lucas

Jamie and Adam are Fun In The Sun Weddings’ newest Newlyweds! This wedding was a total blast to be a part of. Not only are Jamie and Adam very dear friends of ours, but they are an insanely fun pair…and that is what Fun In The Sun Weddings is all about! So, when we are asked to shoot the wedding photos for their beach wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, we lept at the opportunity!

Here is their story…

Jamie and Adam met seven years ago while training for a new job they had both started at a popular steakhouse in Vancouver, Canada. The bride tells us that it was at a steak seminar when she first noticed her future husband.

“Adam was pointed out and asked to stand up, and bend over on his fours like a cow so the teacher could point out on him where each cut of meat on the cow was. I didn’t listen to a WORD the instructor was saying I was much too busy staring at this dreamy man I had just laid my eyes on wondering if he was single….”

Apparently, Cupid’s bow struck twice that day because Adam had pointed Jamie out to a few of the staff members too. He asked one of the girls to dig into her personal life a little and figure out if she was dating anyone. When Jamie found out he was asking, it was game over.

Fast forward a few years, to where Adam and Jamie took a trip to San Francisco for their seventh anniversary. It was there that he decided to pop the question. Intending to get down on one knee at the Golden Gate bridge, Adam got impatient and instead proposed shortly after they arrived while they were out exploring the city. Descending from a lookout point, on a long, steep stairwell, he pulled out the ring. When Jamie turned around he was holding the ring out with both hands. After a long second of silence he managed to nervously spit out those four big words., and Jamie screamed!

“We were both on cloud nine, laughing that my knuckle was too fat to fit the ring because he had sized it to a ring I wear on my right hand. I wore it on my right hand for the rest of the trip.”

They were married at The Riu Palace in Cabo san Lucas because they loved the idea of beach wedding in Mexico. Toes in the sand, drinking beers and tequila all day and night, with no over the top planning as the all inclusive resorts do almost all of it for you. They also LOVED the idea of having a week long celebration for all of their family and closest friends to share. This meant a lot to them, and it was a week of so many memories.

Jamie found her perfect beach wedding dress at The Bridal Gallery in Vancouver, Canada. The dress she chose was nothing like what she was looking for. Her mom had actually picked it out for her to try on.

“Once I looked at myself in the mirror, it was the first dress that I said out loud – Wow this is real… I actually feel like a bride right now!”

As a testament to how awesome these newlyweds are, Jamie told  us that they just wanted everyone to have a beer in their hand and be having the time of their lives! They wanted it to be casual and fun. She had prepared herself for small things going wrong but was surprised at how smooth the whole wedding day went.

You might be getting the feeling that these two are the type to have a stress free wedding, but every bride and groom have to be a little worried about SOMETHING, don’t they? Jamie admits,

“I guess I would have to say I was a little worried one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen would forget to pack their outfit. But maybe it would make a good story!”

Adam’s concern was music. They had all of the playlists on his IPhone, and he was a little worried the wrong songs would play during the ceremony. It turns out, everything ended up being perfect!

These two were such a treat to photograph, and their easy-breazy attitudes come shining through in their wedding photos. And let me tell you, it’s no small feat to stay joyful and relaxed when you get married in Mexico, in the summer, during the hottest time of day! These two are truly special, and we wish them every possible happiness as they start their lives together as husband and wife! Congratulations Jamie & Adam!

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