jessica & shae – villa la joya

Jessica and Shae are Fun In The Sun Weddings’ newest Newlyweds! This bride and groom’s fairytale begins on the beach and ends on the beach, with a little extra side of beach thrown in for good measure.

Here is their story…

Jessica and Shae met at their local beach in Vancouver. She was standing in the parking lot of the most popular local haunt making a phone call, and he saw her from across the street with his friends. Shae was stunned and felt pulled towards her inexplicably. Love at first sight nearly caused an accident as he darted in front of two cars to reach her. The screeching sound of brakes got Jessica’s attention, and as they locked eyes Shae mouthed silently, “Are you inside?” Eyebrow raised, she responded ‘Yes’. But by the time he and friends got there, Jessica was gone.

However, Shae had made an impression, and Jessica couldn’t shake the feeling that she knew him from somewhere. Then she realized that they had met briefly online! She contacted him, and they were both amazed by the coincidence. They set up their first date from there, and the rest is history.

Fast forward to another time on another beach. This time it was an escape to Venice Beach, and Shae was ready to propose to Jessica. The couple were out for dinner, where Shae picked up a paper napkin, and tore it in half. Handing one half to Jessica he suggested that they write down all the things they love about each other. When they were finished, he tucked them into his wallet without reading them and told Jessica they were for his keepsake box. Then they went for a walk on the Santa Monica Pier. With backdrop of rollercoaster and ferris wheel, Shae pulled out the napkin notes from his wallet and holding them towards the heavens he made a speech about the elements of the universe; Wind, Earth, Fire – at which point he lit the napkins on fire – and when Jessica looked back at him, he finished with Water. He held a water bottle out for Jessica, and inside was….you guessed it…an engagement ring!

Wow! Top THAT Grooms-to-be!

This tale of romance culminates with Jessica and Shae getting married on the beach in the Riviera Maya. Family and friends came from around the world to celebrate the marriage of this perfect pair, in an elegant and romantic oceanfront wedding at Villa La Joya, under the watchful eye of wedding planner Natalia Schweitzer of Weddings On The Beach.

Jessica was polished perfection thanks to Beso Brides and her stunning beach wedding dress from Isabelle’s Bridal.

Their wedding was a dream come true, and the couple agrees that their favourite moment of the day was thanks to their wedding photographer, Marc Andrew, of Fun In the Sun Weddings. After the ceremony, he stole them away to take playful wedding photos with a colourful hammock. They were laughing so hard, and it was their first moment to relax and realize that they were married!

What advice does Jessica offer for the bride-to-be?

Relax and have fun because the day of… the time will go fast! So take that moment with your new husband because you will never forget that feeling.

Jessica and Shae, we are so honoured to have shared this amazing experience with you, and we wish you many more incredible beachfront moments in this next chapter of your lives together. Congratulations!

And if you are getting married on the beach in the Riviera Maya, then contact us today! We are Fun In The Sun Weddings, your best choice for destination wedding photography in Riviera Maya, Mexico.


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