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Rachel and Ross are Fun In The Sun Weddings’ newest Newlyweds! The sun was shining just for this bride and groom, as they got married on the beach in Cancun, surrounded by their loved ones.

Here is their story…

Rachel and Ross work behind the cameras in television news, and they met while working at a small tv station in Western Nebraska. On the day they met, Ross was training Rachel. She has a tendancy to faint if she stands in one place for too long, and on this particular day she woke up on the floor with a bunch of strange faces peering down at her. Ross’ face was the only one she recognized, although she couldn’t remember his name. He still teases her about how she ‘fell for him’.

Ross and Rachel got engaged at her grandmother’s annual 4th of July party. Ross made sure that family and friends flew in, drove down, and attended by whatever means necessary, and then he proposed to her in front of the entire group!

The bride and groom had talked about doing a destination wedding before they were even engaged. With family and friends scattered across the country who would have to travel regardless, they figured why not go somewhere beautiful like Cancun? When they presented the idea to Ross’ Dad, who was very ill at the time, he got excited and said that nothing would stop him from being there. Sadly, he passed not long after, and that strengthened the bride and groom’s resolve that they would get married the way that they wanted to, and not let anyone or anything stop them.

And nothing did.

Ten months before their wedding day, Rachel and Ross visited the Mayan Riviera to do site visits, and as they stood at The Hyatt Ziva wedding gazebo, with the waves crashing around them, they decided that’s where they would be married. On the day they became husband and wife, it was exactly as they had pictured, while still far exceeding their expectations.

And that was nothing short of a miracle, because it poured rain relentlessly every day of their trip leading up to the wedding!

Then on her wedding day, the bride woke up early to a magical day in Cancun, with clear skies and bright sunshine, and she felt as if the sun was shining just for them. Guests sat encircling them during their ceremony, so they literally surrounded by love, family and faith. And Ross’ late parents were both with them in the form of his butterfly cuff links, and boutonniere pendant.

Ross & Rachel agree that their favorite moment was during the ceremony, with their guests seated in a circle around them, as they became husband and wife literally surrounded by love, family and their faith. Ross’ late parents were both with them too in the form of his butterfly cufflinks, and his boutonniere pendant.

What advice does the bride offer to brides-to-be planning a destination wedding in Cancun?

Don’t let any outside voices, whether it be guests, blogs, or bridal magazines, distract you from what you two want your day to be about. And most of all enjoy it!

And from the groom?

Guys, just listen to your bride. She KNOWS what she’s talking about.

A wise man destined for great happiness!

Rachel and Ross, it has been a true pleasure working with you as you brought your wedding vision to reality! We wish you all the wonderful things in life, and we hope that the sun always shines on your marriage.

And if you are getting married on the beach in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, then contact us today! We are Fun In The Sun Weddings, your best choice for destination wedding photography in Riviera Maya, Mexico.


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